ArdenLyn (ardenlyn) wrote,

Ballad of Chell

Apologies in advance, I was in a weird mood tonight at work and this came to mind.


Come and listen to story of a girl named Chell
Worked in a lab and she did her job well
Then one day she was sleepy as can be
And awoke in lab with springs coming out her knees
Lab? Awoke in a cell, I mean
Concrete walls, Plexiglass windows

Next thing you know, there's a portal in the wall
And a computer voice says "Come on, step into the hall!
We've got a lot of testing and we've got to get'er done!"
So she stepped through the hole and then she began to run

Now Chell began to suspect that ol'GLaDOS's full of lies
Even though she found her own hand-held portal device
But she kept on moving through each new part of the test
Cause with the turrets firing at her she could not afford to rest

Well she ducked and she jumped, and she made it out alive
And GLaDOS went and freaked, "Hey, that's not what I contrived!"
She used her portal gun to try to get away
While GLaDOS did her best to make sure Chell would stay

Chell made it to the room where GLaDOS tried to hide
And waved her finger madly, "GLaDOS you shouldn't have lied!
Because you never gave me the tasty promised cake
I'm gonna drop your Spheres into a room where they will bake."

You know Chell got away and she left the lab behind
And you know Gordon Freeman is the man she's gonna find
And just in case you wondered if GLaDOS did survive
She'll sing a little song and say, "I'll be still alive."
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