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I do my best to use a headset whenever I'm using my cellphone. Either earbuds with a mic, a full headset, or on rare occasions, I Bluetooth it. I like having my hands free, my neck unencumbered, and my vision properly aligned instead of at an angle, or fixed straight ahead.

This is especially true when I'm driving. If I've been bad and forgot to bring my headset with me, often I won't even answer my phone while I'm driving. When I do answer it without a headset, I feel really, really bad about it and try to get off the phone as soon as I can.

It is for this reason I want to beat the living snot out of everyone I see driving in the city with one hand permanently affixed to their heads who aren't watching where the frak they are going.

The urge to pull them out of their car at an intersection and wail on them with a blunt instrument is very hard to squelch.

I know one day one of these people are going to crash into me.

And they will deny using the frakking thing while driving.

And then I will be going to jail for assault and battery, provided I'm uninjured.
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