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It's really hard for me to read news like this.

It seems to happen every 7 or 8 months or so, and it never gets any easier to read. I honestly don't know what should be done about it, the truth of any supposed corruption and the extent it may or may have not spread, or who the legitimate government of Thailand is. Democracy is a slippery item when the losing side will not accept loss as part of the process, and even more slippery when that process has been perverted by those who never believed in the process to begin with.

What I do know is that in 2003 I visited a foreign land called Thailand. I know that many of the people I met there were the nicest, friendliest people I could have met who extended a warm hand to an American who was largely ignorant of their language and their culture. I worry for those people. And I hope they are safe now, and that they are still safe when this is eventually resolved.
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