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So, I've been in NYC for a few days now. There were only a few spots I genuinely wanted to hit as far as touristy things go. One of which was the Empire State Building. I must, I'm extremely disappointed that they pull the Tokyo Tower crap, in that you pay one fee to get up so high and if you want to go ALL the way up, you have to pay again. We did not - we had a cosmology lecture we were running late for and didn't want to miss out. The traffic at the ESB was crazy busy for a Thursday night at 19:00, and believe it or not, we missed the rush at 20:00 that was out the main doors and around the corner. This is not including the two floors of line on the inside. We had to race up the last six floors on foot since the wait for the elevators from 80 to 86 was at least 30 minutes. Ironically, have three fans of Shoujo Kakumei Utena racing up a very long spiraling staircase only kept us amused for about four flights.

The second stop I wanted to see was the Statue of Liberty. As you can see, I have an affection for very tall famous spaces - maybe I'll manage to get to the Chrysler Building before I leave. I was up for even more disappointment there. The tickets we purchased at the Battery Park ferry are only good enough to get you TO Liberty Island. A monument pass is NOT available once on the island; you have to purchase that at least a week in advance or you can only wander around the fool statue and not go up the pedestal or inside it. Grrrrrrr.

I'm a freaking tourist, people. This may be my only trip to NYC I'll ever take in my life, and I've been denied access to the symbol of my country's ideology because I didn't think to book tickets a week in advance. I've never been to any site that required that much dedication to planning. I feel this says something about how liberty has actually been lost to us, even if there are practical considerations of traffic and space inside that have to be considered; the ferries carry around 1,000 people to and from the island every trip.
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