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I've always known that my cat is big. We used to joke about him being a 20 pound blob that lays around and meows, but that was an exaggeration. The truth is that he is a very long cat, and a cat that size is going to be large.

Despite that, I've always known that heavy cats are prone to diabetes and I've been careful to keep him from over-eating. I've given him the healthy-weight management food that is higher in protein than other varieties. We keep the other cat's food out of the way so he can't readily get to it.

This weekend, we noticed that he was walking a bit oddly on his hind legs. After 2.5 hours at the vet's office, I'm still in shock.

My poor kitty got the dreaded D word after all my effort to keep him from getting it. Some cats are just predisposed to it, apparently.

Special diabetes cat food - $40 for a 12 lb bag.
Insulin - $20 bucks for a 50 dose bottle
Holding the poor little guy down while I prick him - heartbreaking.

Having him leap up on the bed at night and snuggle on top of me - Priceless.

I love you, you silly lil'furball.

Even though you broke my foot back in '04.
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