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Two nights ago, I dreamed that I was a in dimly lit club of maybe 100 people. The tables were candlelit and there was no standing room. They were all positioned in front of a small stage. I was very excited because Michael Stipe was due to give a a rare solo show without the rest of REM and we just happened to come to this club on the night it was going to happen. We didn't plan it in advance; we just enjoyed this cozy little spot and decided to get out of the house that night.

When Michael came out on stage, he made a little show about bringing Billy Bragg up on stage with him, complete with asking the audience, "Do you wanna see Billy Bragg on stage with me?" and asking for cheers to get Billy out of hiding. I thought, being a fan of Bingo Handjob's song "Tom's ?" that he was bringing Billy Bragg up on stage to do that, and apparently so were a few others in the audience.

Instead, Billy played something slow and haunting on his acoustic guitar while Michael sang very dark lyrics. It was an amazing song. The audience were all singing softly with him, and this made the song even more haunting than it would have been. I had never heard it before, but I was singing along with it, too, since that's the way of dreams.

I remember waking up with the chorus still in my head. I kept thinking, as my cat meowed and meowed that it was breakfast time, that I had to have heard the song on the radio in my sleep as the music alarm went off, cause there's no way I could have dreamed all of that on my own. Then I realized that the radio station on the clock is only playing Christmas music now.

And now, that beautiful, haunting piece of music that I had pulled out of the dream with me is teasing me by staying on the edge of my memory - just enough so I remember the last few sounds of the chorus, but not the words and not the melody.

Damn it all.

Damn it all.

Damn it all.

I want that song back.

This is not the first time this has happened.

I should buy a mini-recorder and leave it near my bed so I can save whatever fragments I can after waking from now on.
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